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Protests against illegal slaughterhouse near Janma Bhoomi

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जन्मस्थान के निकट पशुओं का अवैध कटान फिर शुरू

P.C. amarujala.com

Mathura, 2018.01.18 (VT) Mathura police station is being bombarded by people who are demanding that an illegal slaughterhouse near Janma Bhoomi be closed down immediately. The slaughterhouse was previously sealed by police, however it has once again begun its operations.

It is estimated that around 20 animals are being slaughtered on the premises every day. The police are aware of the activities however they have not taken action to shut down the slaughterhouse.

Despite the ruling of the Allahabad High Court that activities that hurt Hindu sentiments are not allowed to undertaken near places of pilgrimage, and despite the Yogi Government’s positioning itself as an upholder of Hindu faith and tradition, the slaughter of animals is going on in the vicinity of Sri Krishna’s birthplace.

In the last week, almost two dozen people have filed reports at the police station about the slaughterhouse including  Vijay Bahadur Singh, Prem Singh and Harvendra Chahar. If action is not taken immediately to permanently close down the slaughterhouse, they will take their complaint to the Chief Minister.

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