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13445538_1749659521913852_5537795635058733056_n.jpgBy 108 Sree Sree Pran Krishna das Babaji Maharaja

Bhagavan is always neutral. He is affected neither by the sorrows or happiness of this world. But when it is necessary, like for instance when playing a role in His pastimes or as an example for the jivas benefit and for the sake of proteting HIs devotees, He can become either as hard as a thunderbolt or as soft as a lotus petal. Mahaprabhu is also the same. He executed such severe punishment to Choto Haridas for not keeping his sannyas code of conduct. He showed no compromise in matters of this nature. Bhagavan´s dealings are like that. If one does not want to follow rules of sastras, or follow the instructions of Guru and sadhus, then one has to reap the results of his own actions and desires. Whoever has good fortune they will get everything. This is more than evident in Narottam Das Takur´s good fortune. Narottam Das Takur was initially of dark complexion but after he took a dip in the Padmavati river he acquired a fair complexion as he had attained the Prem of Mahaprabhu. This was possible because Mahaprabhu had kept his Prem immersed in the Padmavati river solely for Narottam Das Takur. Mahaprabhu kept Prem for Narottam Das because he was a " Pokka vaki" a ripe recipient for Prem. However, people like us are not worthy to receive Prem in such a manner.

GAURA DAS: Why not Guruji? Mahaprabhu has left so much Prem for us. In the hearts of all the Guru, sadhu, vaishnavas there is so much Prem and by taking their association we will get Prem. For Narottam Das Takur he left Prem in Padmavati river but for us he has immersed all that Prem in Radha kund. If we take bath in Radha Kund we can get that Prem, it is mentioned in the sastras.

GURUJI: Ha, yes! One can get Prem by taking bath in Radha kund, there is also another place where Mahaprabhu has kept his Prem for us, can you tell where?

GAURA DAS: Where Guruji?

GURUJI: In Harinaam Sankirtan!! We are not taking bath in Harinaam sankirtan and that is why we are not getting Prem. This is where Mahaprabhu has actually kept Prem for us. Not everyone can take bath in Radha kund but everyone can take bath in Harinaam Sankirtan. But we are not taking bath in Naam Sankirtan and for that reason we are not getting Prem. There is only one requirement for taking Naam, is just be free from offences and Prem is yours. We should be careful not to commit even a tiny bit of offence. We should be completely free from offence to receive Prem.

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