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The river of life is God, and this river flows effortlessly but powerfully

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26814488_1463535893772550_731112558917663943_n.jpgA New Message from Paramahamsa Vishwananda

'The river of life is God, and this river flows effortlessly but powerfully. There is no failure in this flow. But on the surface of the river, there are waves. These waves are dramas and different life situations, and it is due to these waves that one has the impression that something opposite to life is happening. Then one wrongly thinks that one will fail or whatever.

But the truth is that these waves are the river. It’s only a question of one’s perception and focus. It’s about God: He knows the direction, purpose and goal, but one cannot see this due to one’s obsession with the waves. That is why one sees waves as something separate from the river. After the storm of dramas, one can see that the river takes us exactly where we should be anyway, and we would be able to see this if we didn’t give so much importance and attention to the waves. Knowing that flowing with the river is the right way to live, we will be able to really enjoy its waves without being caught in the illusion of separation.

Only Love can give us true vision and insights into life's wisdom. When we flow with the river, we are in trust. And to live life in trust is to be free.'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
19 January 2018

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