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Ma Rangeshwar temple worships divine energy in the form of girls and langur monkeys

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15894558_1274801332558253_60495076520087Mathura, 2018.01.20 (VT) In an all day program at Mathura’s Ma Rangeshwari TempleLangur monkeys, which are sometimes called, ‘Hanuman monkeys’ were worshiped as great devotees. During the program, which began at 9am and went through the night, over 500 girls  were worshiped as forms of the divine mother.

The temple took on am amazing atmosphere, drenched in the aroma of flowers, perfumes, food offerings, incense, ghee and milk. Lines of flowers filled the temple room which 15823538_1273108706060849_10924020914451resonated with the sound of bhajans and the chanting of Durga Saptashati, the ancient scripture describing Durga Ma’s destruction of the demon Mahishasura and incarnating as Lakshmi, who empowers wealth, creation and happiness.

The temple’s director, Ashok Maidas, told media that the program started in the morning at 9am with the anointing of the deities with perfume, pachamrita and rose water. The feast for devotees began at 11pm and continued until late in the night. A havan ceremony was held from 3-5, after which laddoos were offered to Ganeshji, Ma Rangeshwari, Sri Rangeshwar and  Hanumanji.


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