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5 days festiva on Radhakunda

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27459601_1997836627096139_3571080673941956855_n.jpgMy dear vaishnava family in the beginning of march we will celebrating appearience day of our beloved Sri Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. For this very special event for all Gaudiya Vaishnavas Srila Gurudeva organizing here on Radhakunda 5 days festival which will cointaining Sri Hari Katha, Sri Goura leela theater,performence of sweets kirtans by very good Navadvip kirtaniyas groups,prasadam seva for all vaishnavas (if posible also including sadhu vaishnava seva), parikrama and Abhisheka ceremony of Gouranga Mahaprabhu, for be able to realize this beutiful seva Sri Gurudeva humble asking all his disciples and interested vaishnavas to help him by some donations for this festival or also by donating required bhog (food) items for support prasadam vaishnava seva during the festival time... please, devotees whoes are interested participate in this festival seva kindly contact me here on the page or on my personal fb account: Jirka Batlik Govardhan das or in the case of Whatsapp groups on my personal Whatsapp, for discuss the detailes of the individual sevas of each of you.My dandavat pranam to all of you! Jay Sri Radhe! Jay Nitai Gour!

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