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The Law of Karma is so poorly understood

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karma-thumbnail-10-10.jpgIt is because we miss seeing the essence of this law and the possibilities, opportunities, liability and potential with this law of the Universe. Usually, it either stays as some 'mystical' story from the East or it is understood as something fatalistic and fixed.

The Law of Karma is often understood as the law of action and reaction. But what is the action? We can easily understand action as doing, but is the inaction also an action? Is action only the movement of the body? Or is it the functioning of the senses? Is it thinking? Feeling? Breathing? Intention? Willing? We can easily understand action as some doing, but what about being and existing? Is that action too?

In the East, especially in India, one can hear 'Your life is your karma'. Which means that our actions define not only us but our lives too.

That is why there is a saying: 'If a person wants to turn a curse into boon and a boon into a curse, then he can do it with his deeds.'

This shows how powerful we are, and how powerful is action itself.

What does Krishna say in the Gita about karma?

There is karma, vikarma, akarma and nishkam karma. Here it is important to understand two things: the gunas of material nature and who is the real Doer.

And we are back to the beginning question: what is action, but now it becomes expanded because we should also understand 'Who is the doer of the action?

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
1 February 2018

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