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When one starts to think of removing any pain that God can feel

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When one starts to think of removing any pain that God can feel, and when one only thinks of how to make Him pleased, smiling and joyful, that is the moment when Love opens its door wide. Removing all barriers of differences and duality which the mind and society have place in between one and one's beloved Lord, maybe one would think that God, who is described as Satchitananda, can't feel pain. But if He can humble Himself, hiding behind the veils of His Maha Maya, for sure He can feel pain too.

The definition of best friend says that it is the one who shares our pain and joy. Same with parents, and God is Father and Mother. And what to say about Him as the true and supreme Lover? It is well known in the epic love stories; the Lover can feel the pain of his Beloved just as if it is happening to Him. They are so united through Love that these two are not anymore 'you' and 'me' but 'we'.'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
2 February 2018

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