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Radio Taxis to Be Introduced in Mathura-Vrindavan

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blog-0493550001414254701.jpgMathura, 2014.10.25 (TOI): Tourists travelling to Mathura and Vrindavan would often complain of the poor transport system. But it is all set to change as Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav has asked district authorities to launch a radio taxi service by November, an initiative that is expected to make travelling safer and affordable for tourists flocking the twin cities throughout the year.

Local civic officials have held a few rounds of discussion regarding the matter. The details are not concrete as of now but it is believed that Mathura and Vrindavan will tie up with radio cabs in Agra, that will hit the streets from next month there.

The tourists, at present, are fleeced by private operators in connivance with local guides and touts, who are accused of taking pilgrims in Vrindavan and Mathura to the less popular temples. Even autos don’t ply on fixed rates either. “Private operators have earned notoriety here. Many of them have been accused of abetting crime,” said Amit Sisodia, a travel agent.

The plan has received encouraging signals from the local tourism industry. Sisodia believes that radio cabs can be a success in the Braj region, just like it has been elsewhere. D D Tiwari, who owns a travel agency, also welcomed the move, saying, “Radio cabs would be a reliable mode of transport. Plus, if the cab service deploys small cars, the fares would be lesser as such cars are fuel efficient.”

Earlier this week, UP’s transport minister Durga Prasad Yadav had said that having a taxi service in Mathura and Vrindavan was economically viable as the twin cities attracted thousands of tourists every year. He extolled the need for GPS-enabled cabs as it would make transportation in the city safer for women, affordable and less hectic.

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