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True freedom is not just being free from something

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Everyone wants to be free in this world but they get attached to something while looking for freedom, either an idea or people or things. That's not true freedom. True freedom is not just being free from something. Rather it is being free in oneself.

The intellect is sharp but it is limited by nature of logic, and logic itself is limited. But a contemplative mind is something else and, even more, a mind that is totally transformed by merging with the Divine is God's mind. The point is, if one reads any sacred text intellectually, it is okay at the beginning, for certain assurance must be there, but assurance is not enough, as whoever is assured can be also 'un-assured'. That is why each one has to dig for oneself, for his own aim.

In the beginning, one will naturally purify one's mind by getting to know what the scriptures say, but it all stays only intellectual; it will not be of much help, as one will always see only one side of the scripture or Avatar or Master, and to see or hear only half of the truth is not enough and sometimes even dangerous. So if one thinks that Moksha is freedom, but without understanding freedom of what, it is very easy to misunderstand, because the trap of knowledge is this: one can go round and round the centre without noticing it, or without getting to the real point or sense of it. In this sense, knowledge is bondage. Wherever the mind is big and the heart is suppressed, logic is dominant and the intuition is dormant.

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
3 February 2018

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