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Why is it good and important to read and study sacred texts?

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A New Message from Paramahamsa Vishwananda (Exclusively Published on Facebook)

'Why is it good and important to read and study sacred texts?
First, when we are conditioned to depend so much on our mind and when the mind is full of many things that separate us from truth, higher reality, Love and Krishna, then the same mind is the entry point to solve that conditioning.

Second, it is the best way to purify the mind from all the impurities which can in any moment cause some weakness. We know that, for Realisation, besides courage, one needs strength and perseverance too.

Third, it is the best way to put the mind under our control because, along with everything else, the mind digests us and our lives by jumping here and there, and by running after this or that thought or desire.

But to think about God is such a task for the mind that either it will slow down or, preferably, transform into divine. From an enemy, it becomes a friend. So let it digest the mantra, let it digest God’s Name, let it digest sadhana and God’s glories. The mind is then actually taking the remedy for eternal healing.
Let the mind be lost in thoughts and contemplation on Giridhari and let the Cintamani of Divine Love be found.'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
5 February 2018

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