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Commotion breaks out as residents intercept meat delivery van

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Mathura, 2018.02.06

Residents intercepted a meat delivery tempo van that was delivering meat to a Mathura restaurant. Fearing that the meat may be cow meat or from an illegal slaughterhouse, a resident raised the alarm by calling the Hindu Helpline.

The tempo was stopped near Bhuteshwar station and the driver was harassed and beaten. A crowd gathered. Police arrived at the scene and took the tempo into custody while they questioned the driver and restaurant owner.  The driver was carrying an invoice that identified the meat as buffalo meat from Agra’s Diggate slaughterhouse.

Police station in charge, Prem Sah said that samples of the meat have been sent to Mathura’s Veterinary University for investigation.

Selling meat is illegal in Vindavan and Barsana and may soon become illegal in Govardhan if the council’s recent application for the town to become an official pilgrimage site gets approval.


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