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Nandababa temple celebrates Ma Yashoda’s appearance day

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06_02_2018-06mth137.jpgNandagaon. 2018.02.07 (VT) Yashoda Jayanti was celebrated on Tuesday at Nandabhavan and around Braj. Festivities at Nandababa temple were bigger than ever this year, with the temple decorated beautifully and a traditional 56 bhog offering placed before the deities.

Joyful bhajans were sung in chorus by locals and visitors alike and those wishing to have children prayed to Mother Yashoda to give them this blessing. Those wishing to have a child often fast for 24 hours, remembering Sri Krishna and the austerities that Ma Yashoda performed in order to get the blessing of becoming Sri Krishna’s foster mother.

P.C. vrindavan.deGuests spent time wandering through the temple, looking at the depictions of the pastimes of Krishna and Balaram. The current temple was built in the 18th century, however local legend has it that the previous temple was destroyed and the deities were hidden in a cave. The deities were discovered in the cave by Sanatan Goswami. From the temple, there is a spectacular view of the surrounding plains and the kunds and vats (ponds and forests) where Krishna and his friends played and rested.

Nandababa temple is the center for the worship of Krishna’s parents, who facilitated the Lord’s childhood pastimes in Braj. Mother Yashoda is most loved by those who appreciate her Vatsalya bhav – the feeling of wanting to take care of all, from the smallest creature to the Supreme Lord, as a most loved son. Ma Yashoda is the ideal mother, absorbing herself in selfless sacrifice. On this most auspicious occasion, we remember the most worshipable Mother Yashoda.

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