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Lessons from Love

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'Lessons from Love

When it comes to loved ones and the spiritual support we can give during a crisis, Love will find the way out. Love will inspire the right words, but also the right silence. Love will give strength to patience and stability. Love will show how important it is to be faithful to Love and, as a result, we will see its power and of what material is the shield of Love.

Everything is attracted to Love. Everything. Light and darkness, good and bad. Openess to life and fearfulness. Foolish and wise. Extroverts and introverts. Beginning and end. Because Love is the source, and everything wants to find itself in the source again, through the source.

The joy of sharing Love is the driving force towards the ultimate Love. But also the pain due to lack of Love is also a driving force towards Love and more Love.

Everything gravitates towards Love.'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
7 February 2018

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Chant daily with love to Shri Krishna:
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