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Once the soul leaves this body, all relations connected to this body are left behind and the soul continues its journey

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Once the soul leaves this body, all relations connected to this body are left behind and the soul continues its journey. Here we might think 'Oh, it was my mum, dad, wife, husband, friend,' etc., but actually no one has ever known that soul, only the outer shell, which means the body and the mind-identity. That soul is free from all these roles and the journey towards God and the Ultimate continues.

So it means that only God and Guru know us for real and who we really are, since they know our soul.

That is why the relationship with God and Guru is eternal and continues, as it is from the category of eternity and soul.

If humans say that one knows someone privately or even intimately, it’s about knowing the mind, emotions, dreams, strengths and weaknesses, potentials and qualities, etc.

But what do God and Guru know? The soul is Satchitananda, a parcel of God. So how do God and Guru differentiate between me and other innumerable souls? On the basis of what can the Guru say and confirm that a soul belongs to Him?

And is it possible for each soul to have the ability to know others, not only as outer shells, but on the soul level?

When we are attracted and pulled towards our own Satguru, what’s actually happening? Is it only a soul connection or are there also some karmic elements?

To realise and to know God is different than to know about Him indirectly through scriptures, saints, and Guru. First is to know Him directly in our own soul. Second is also His outer shell, and hope that God cannot be satisfied to be known only indirectly and as an outer shell, no matter how beautiful it might be.

He longs for us even more than we long for Him. Why is that so?

Humans say in their stories that 'Those were the moments when…' to describe something special and extraordinary. But those belong to the human world and to outer shells. How would God or Guru say it, and for what, to mark special moments in eternity, not only in time? And what is the taste of God’s longing? Being blind, deaf, and deprived of the real ability to touch and smell, means to feel through the spiritual senses. How can people recognise the One which they have lost due to forgetfulness? His longing may be what humans describe as the inner call.

I say often that 'there is no difference between Guru and God', but one might say or think, what’s the use of my physical ears when my spiritual ones are dormant? What’s the use of hearing that, when the one to shine is said to be asleep? And when the Beloved comes to His Lover, for sure the Lover isn’t asleep but is excited, joyful, and eager to shower Love on the Beloved.

So something is seriously wrong when one can hear and understand, and despite that, stays asleep. It is possible as long as one is unaware of God’s longing and unaware of the world of the soul and God, the world where Atma and Bhagavan share in bliss and loving service.'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
10 February 2018

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