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Braj Dulah temple and the ancient tradition of Lathmar Holi

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Barsana, 2018.02.12

Braj Dulah temple was established 250 years ago to commemorate Krishna’s Lathmar Holi lilas. Local legend has it that, seeing the gopis coming towards him with sticks (laths) Sri Krishna tried to hide. The gopis found him and began shouting, “We have found the groom (dulha)”. To commemorate this lila, Braj Dulah temple was established in Bhoomiya Gali, Katara Haveli, Barsana by Advocate Rupram Kattara and the Rajpurohit community of Bharatpur.


P.C. ibtimes

Gokulesh Kattara, a descendant of Rupram Kattara, said that Every year, thousands of villagers who come from Nandagaon to play Holi in Barsana first come to Braj Dulah temple to ask permission to play Holi in Barsana and to invite Sri Krishna to play Holi with them. Another specialty of the temple is that, Bridegroom Sri Krishna is served by female pujaris.

The temple has an esteemed place Braj’s history and culture. One of Sri Krishna’s many thousands of names is ‘Braj Dulah’. Out of His great mercy and fun-loving spirit, Sri Krishna pretends to be scared of the stick-wielding gopis and even allows them to pull Him out by the ears when they locate His hiding spot. Sri Krishna sometimes appears to be just another family member to the Brijwasi people who lovingly call Him ‘Braj Dulah’.


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