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Yogi inaugurates ‘Go Gram’ project, says Braj will be center of cow protection in UP

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Braj, 2018.02.12

On Sunday, CM Yogi spoke at a Vrindavan goshala before flying to Mathura to inaugurate a 100 bed hostel for students of Mathura Veterinary University and Cow Research Center.

During his 20 minute speech at the Hasanand Gochar, located in Dorera village bordering Vrindavan’s Chaitanya Vihar colony, CM Yogi Adityanath said that his intention is to promote cow protection and cow-based-farming through a multifaceted approach including cow protection, research and support of farmers. Laying the foundation stone for the project, the CM said that Braj will become the center of cow protection in the state.

Representatives of 108 villages were invited to attend the program at the goshala. The CM participated in a yagya ceremony to inaugurate the Go Gram project, which the government hopes will be a big step towards fulfilling its religious and economic responsibility to promote cruelty free cow-based farming.

Hasanand Gochar will be integral in the movement to dedicate more of Braj’s farmland to the cultivation of fodder for cattle. In the dry climate of Braj, fodder for cattle needs to be cultivated with great care. Hasanand Gochar was established by Varanasi MP Madan Mohan Malaviya after after a Sadhu named Hasanand told him that villagers were unable to pay taxes to graze their cows on the land. Malaviya’s dream was to make fodder available for cows, but, until now, the goshala has been hampered in its efforts by lack of funds.

The Go Gram project will also include: the promotion of organic farming; medical vans to perform health checks and increase awareness of health related issues; offices for the promotion of culture and religion in 21 villages; analysis of farmland; seeds distribution and trainers to help farmers best utilize the potential of farm land.

During his speech at Mathura Veterinary University and Cow Research Center, the CM rued that cow rearing, so far, has been “neglected” and noted that it has immense scope for agricultural farmers.

He asked the university vice chancellor to intensify research on cows, in order to turn them into high-yielding cattle, however, he added that research should be limited to indigenous cows only.

Speaking about the philosophy of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya and Mahatma Gandhi, the CM reminded people that cow farming has great potential to strengthen India’s economy. He said that the money that people spend on LPG goes overseas, and this expenditure can be avoided by establishing gobar gas plants, so cows are integral to the system of family centred, village based, economic self-sufficiency promoted by Mahatma Gandhiji and Braj’s own Pt Deen Dayal.


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