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Officer miraculously survives after gangster’s bullet hits phone

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13_02_2018-12mth105.jpgBarsana, 2018.02.12

When the police SWAT team reached a gangster hideout in Janu village Barsana, gangsters began firing on the officers.

Officer Daroga Sultan Singh was wounded in the chest and leg. He was taken to Nayati hospital in Mathura where he is now recovering. Officer Singh’s phone was in his shirt pocket and served as a buffer between his chest and the bullet. The officer reported that shortly before the incident, he took his phone out of the pocket of his pants and kept it in his shirt pocket.

SSP Swapnil Mamgai said that police are hopeful of catching the gangsters. When police investigated the scene after the incident, they saw blood stains indicating that other gang members had been wounded. Police have arrested Janu village resident, Chidda for assisting the gang.

Police have offered a reward of Rs25,000 for information leading to the arrest of Jamshed Khan who has been hiding out with relatives in Braj for four years and is wanted for crimes including murder, kidnapping and theft. Police uncovered the hideout after a resident informed about the whereabouts of the gangsters.

In another incident, a small girl was attacked by a neighbourhood youth after the children’s parents left the children alone in the house. Residents are being warned to be aware of the high crime rate in the area and take safety precautions at all times.

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