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Government doctors seeing up to 300 patients per day

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13_02_2018-13mth101-1.jpgMathura, 2018.02.14 (VT) Patients are lining up in a queue of up to 100 people in order get a 1 minute consultation at Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati District Hospital due to a shortage of doctors.

Private hospitals charge Rs200-300 for consultations, however this is the entire daily wage for many people in Mathura-Vrindavan, so it is not possible to pay this amount.

In private hospitals, it is normal for a doctor to take 5-10 minutes to understand a patient’s condition, however, at Government hospitals, doctors often take less than 1 minute to write a patient’s name and prescribe medication.

CMS Dr V.K. Gupta said that there is a shortage of doctors in the district hospital. There are fifty doctor positions, but only 14 doctors are currently posted.


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