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Rasa Lila Acharya, poet and singer, Ramswarup Sharma enters the eternal lila

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Barsana, 2018.02.17 (VT) Padmashri Ramacharya Swami Ramswarup Sharma is being remembered fondly by Brajwasis today for his contributions to Braj’s culture, Rasa Lila and folk songs.

28058402_10216037945202227_4026213573236Ramswarupa Swami was born in Kamai village, Barsana. Swamiji dedicated his life to developing Braj’s traditional artforms. Ramswarupa Swami worked hard to promote Rasa Lila, helping to keep the tradition alive. Through his work in Rasa Lila, Braj’s Shri Krishna’s pastimes and culture have become accessible to millions of people.

Ramswarupa Swami worked with his late father, Meghshyam Sharma, who taught his son about the need to promote the unique and beautiful tradition of Rasa Lila. Following in the footsteps of his father, Ramswarupa organized training camps, workshops and performances.

His mastery of poetry, singing and acting and his ability to combine these artforms in performances led to the confluence of literature, music and art. Ramswarupa Swami helped to popularize the songs that his father composed, and, many of these songs are being sung today by India’s top singers. One example is the well known song, “Maiyo Karde mero byaah, dulhan de do gauri si” (Mother, fulfil my wish and give me a fair bride). Through this song, we get a glimpse of the sweetness of Sri Krishna’s childhood pastimes. (watch here)

Acharya Shrivatsa Goswami said, “With the Nikunj Pravesh of Swami Ramswaroop Sharma ji, an important column of Braja culture was shaken. Swami ji not only was an equally celebrated Swami of Rasa Lila, like his legendary father, Swami Meghshyam, in his youth he also helped develop Braj’s folk songs and devotional drama. When he reached a mature age, he also devoted his talents to Bhagavat katha.

Twice a member for Mathura area in the UP Legislative Assembly, he was active in both social and political life and was recognized with President award and Padmashri.

Swami ji worked closely with Jagadguru Shri Purushottam Goswami ji Maharaj. His Mandali used to perform Rasalila at the Sri Caitanya Prema Samsthana in 1970s. Under Maharaj ji’s direction, he performed the Ashtayam Lila’s to the absolute delight of devotees.

He was spiritually nurtured by Pandit Gayaprasad ji and later by Karshni Sri Gurusharananand ji Maharaj. In this Vrindavan, and throughout the world, he made millions enjoy the Rasalila of the Divine Couple. Now, he is participating in the Nitya Lila in Nitya Vrindavan under the guidance of the Sakhi Manjaris.

Sri Vrindavan Nitya Vihar.
This Brajvasi from Kamai Karahala is in eternal Vraja now.
Rasabihari Lal ki sada hi Jaya ho.

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