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Charkula Dance in Radha Rani’s village

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charkula_nratya_2443831_835x547-m-1-780x511.jpgMukharai, 2018.03.05

Villagers and guests watched in awe as women danced with 108 lamps and pots on their head weighing a total of 51kg  in a program held in Mukharai village, near Radha Kund (see video).

The tradition is said to have started when Radha Rani’s maternal grandmother, Mukhura Devi, was overjoyed at the birth of Radha Rani. Mukhura Devi put 108 lamps on a chariot wheel and lifted them up while dancing.

The Charkula dance is performed during festivals, especially on the third day after Holi. According to the Charkula Dance Academy, the dancer, “cannot bend her body, nor can she move her neck. In spite of these limitations the slim, sturdy and courageous dancer dances, gliding, bending, pirouetting to the tune of the song.”


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