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A trust in Krishna that is unshakable is the most attractive quality of a devotee, even to Krishna Himself

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28577624_1511505712308901_4246157159780165093_n.jpgA trust in Krishna that is unshakable is the most attractive quality of a devotee, even to Krishna Himself.

Spiritual seekers often ask questions on trust and sometimes they think they have to attain the state of trust and trusting. But the truth is that, for trust, only the doubts from the mind need to be dropped and abandoned, and then trust will spring out from the heart.

Why is trust so attractive and such a pulling force even to God? And these time cycles of yugas are interesting. It seems to me, due to Satya Yuga, the imprint of Ideals is planted in the human mind. Treta, Dwapara and Kali Yuga have a common trait and that is God’s Avatars. But it’s also interesting that His Avatars come with different roles to fulfill the same purpose. In Treta Yuga, He came as Rama to protect dharma. In Dwapara Yuga, He came as Krishna, but that time He gave the best of the best, and that is a fulfilling and loving relationship.

Someone could think there is nothing left for the hardest time of Kali Yuga. But actually, Kali Yuga is the most wonderful and special time, because He gives the best of His finest. He comes in the form of the Satguru Maharaj.

The Guru's Love is incomparable, steadfast and more firm than a diamond or stone, and yet He is soft as a flower in His existence.

One should adore the Satguru’s smile or the sound of His laugh and be touched with His tears of devotion to His Giridhari.
The Satguru is God who, due to His humility, forgets that He is God and gives His Love tirelessly and endlessly only for the upliftment of humans.

One may have heard many times that it’s all His Mercy and Grace, but the meaning of this statement and truth makes me think. The nature of God is such that He is not whimsical and that one day He just decides “This soul will come to Me”. No! He is overflowed with the moment of His bhakta’s Love, sincerity and devotion and He simply responds.

But when He responds, that is the only response and the only answer that a bhakta longs to hear. His response and answer is His Grace. And the power of that Grace, which one knows now that it is His response, is so powerful. He erases all, good karma and bad karma, and takes His devotee.

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
6 March 2018


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