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PM Modi’s wife in Govardhan

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imageprox1y.jpgGovardhan, 2018.03.06

Jashodaben, wife of Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed abhishek of Giriraj today at Danghati temple in Govardhan. Jashodaben told media that she has previously been to Braj but this was the first time she has had the opportunity to worship Giriraj.

The PM’s wife avoided political questions but said that she felt great peace during her visit to the temple. She continued from Govardhan to Hathras to attend the wedding of Brij Mohan Kaushik.

Jashodaben was married to PM Modi by arranged marriage. She was 16 when she came to live at his family home and PM Modi was 18. He left after a few months, saying he was taking sanyasa and disappearing for 3 years into the Himalayas. When he returned, he began his political career, living independently from his wife.

Narendra Modi’s sister has called Jashodaben a “true Indian woman”. In rural India, Jashodaben is seen as the ideal Indian woman because she remains devoted to her husband after almost 50 years of separation.



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