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Savaman Shaligram: One of the heaviest Shaligram shila of ‘Bharat’

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Vrindavan is known for the temples of Krishna and every house of this town is a temple itself. Apart from all other temples, there are some temples which are unique in its type of deities and pattern of worship. Shri Savaman Shaligram is one of these  temples.


Situated across the street from Radha Shyam Sundar Mandir, the temple of Savaman Shaligram is situated. A narrow and steep staircase between the shops of Loi Bazar also leads to this temple.

Inside the temple two gigantic Shaligram Shila’s are worshipped. The weights of the S This temple was built by the King of Rewa and the Jalan family in 1823. Perhaps these Shaligrams are one of the biggest in India. Currently, this temple is worshipped under the direction of Acharya Shri Ram Sharma (Bohare ji) and his sons.


Ram Laxman Sita and Shaligrams

Shaligram accepted as being a transcendental form of the Lord, is obtainable only from Kali Gandaki river at Muktinatha in Nepal. A hike of more than a hundred miles over rough mountainous terrain is required to approach the area called Shaligram Kshetra. Shri Chandrashekhar Acharya says in his song Tulasi Aarati, Worshipable Tulasi Devi you have performed long austerities and have become the offering to the Lord’s Shaligram expansion.” Hence you will notice that Shalagram is always worshipped with Tulasi leaves.


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