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Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita, talks about the types of faith

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Why are humans often obstructed in having faith? Why do scriptures, sadhus, saints and masters always talk about the importance of faith? Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita, talks about it and the types of faith. So what’s faith actually about?

It is about the difference between the human mind and the Divine or God’s mind.

If we depend on the thinking that is based on the material world, which means the outer reality, conditioning of various types, dependence on other people’s opinions, and ultimately, living in the world of Maya, then we follow the human mind and its dictates. In this kind of mind, there are not many possibilities as it, itself, is limited. A limited mind is not the mind of faith!

A divine mind or God’s mind is the mind of faith! It is about limitless possibilities. It is about the way God thinks and creates.

To have faith is to have the mind that is always absorbed in God, either through His Names, remembering His Leelas, hearing about Him, meditating, serving selflessly, etc. In this way, we are not only in tune with Him but we become more intimately connected with Him as we start to get to know Him more and more. We start to experience Him, His Love, the true nature of God and the Truth of life. We actually start to think the way that is divine and that means we think as Love. We think properly as we are in tune with God’s ways and laws.

That is why spiritual aspirants under the guidance of the Guru follow the principles of the spiritual discipline or sadhana. Sadhana is given to put the mind under control and to transform this human mind into a divine mind, into the mind of unshakable faith.

When such a mind joins with the purity of the heart, trust is born. Trust means being established in the true nature of who we truly are. When we live this way, then what seems like miracles to the ordinary human mind is just the natural expression of the divine mind and ways of life and its unfolding.

So, obstacles to faith are removed, at first, through understanding them and through sadhana. There is no better and bigger gift in existence than having faith and trust, especially to have faith and trust in God, as it is living always with Him in Love. It is then building an unbreakable relationship with Giridhari Krishna that is eternal and ever-growing.

Remove the obstacles that stand between you and the greatest gift of life! Have faith, live faith, inspire faith in others and be blessed by faith itself. And one more thing is the Guru’s presence. His Love and Grace are the 'sarva karana karanam' (the cause of all causes) as the Guru is the visible God, who came to take all with Him, and His very breath is the proof of the faith of innumerable saints, sadhus, devotees and masters.'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
10 March 2018


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