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Vrindavan’s Jain community performs ceremonies for world peace

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Vrindavan, 2018.03.12 (VT) On the occasion of Adinath Jayanti, the Jain community performed abhishek ceremonies and prayed for world peace. On Saturday, devotees flocked to Vrindavan’s Jain temple in Chipi Gali in order to attend the abhishek and prayer ceremonies.  After the abhishek, devotees went on a ‘shobhyatra’ parade to spread auspiciousness through the streets of Vrindavan.

Jinendra Shastri said that Adinath Bhagwan is the premier avatar of this age of Kali. In this age of quarrel, Lord Adinath paved the way for non-violence and renunciation.

About Lord Adinath


Bhagwan Rishabhdev is also called Adinath. He was the first Tirthankara born in the royal family of Ikshvaku clan in  Ayodhya as the son of King Nabhiraja and Queen Maru Devi.

Hindus and Jains agree agree that this country was named Bharatavarsa after the name of Rishabhdev’s eldest son, Bharat. In the Rgveda there are clear references to Rishabhdev, the first Tirthankara.   He was married to Sumangla and Sunanda. Sumangala is described as the mother of his ninety-nine sons (including Bharata) and one daughter, Brahmi. Sunanda is depicted as the mother of Bahubali and Sundari.

The sudden death of Nilanjana, one of the dancers of Indra, reminded him of the world’s transitory nature and he developed a desire for renunciation. After renouncing the world, Jain legends state he wandered without food for a whole year. He is said to have attained liberation on Mount Kailash. The text Adi Purana by Jinasena is an account of the events of his life.


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