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Shri Ramakant Goswami’s life of dedication to Shri Radharaman

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Vrindavan, 2018.03.14

At 99 years old, Shri Ramakant Goswami Maharaj was the eldest sevait of Shri Radharaman Temple. He was last of his generation of Goswamis and his dedication to the service of Shri Radha Raman ji was well known among the younger generations. He entered into the Nitya Lila on 9th March 2018.

Ramakant Goswami’s life is an inspiration to all those who aspire to a life of dedicated service. His determination to have daily darshan of Radharaman ji was so strong that he even managed to go to temple the day after having a heart attack, despite still having a drip-bottle attached to his arm.

Just a few months ago, in September of last year, Ramakant Goswami served on Radha Raman ji’s altar. He jokingly remarked that his bones were showing, which doesn’t look good when serving on the altar. But, Ramakant Goswami never complained of ill health, he always looked at the positive side and would say, Radha Raman ji is keeping me alive.

Ramakant Goswami was determined to live in the Radharaman Ghera, in the old house near the temple, even though his children had moved elsewhere. He lived alone and visited the temple every day. He encouraged all those who came to see him, his friends and his relatives, in their devotion to Radharaman.

One of Ramakant Goswami’s most loved qualities was his humility.  Radhika Goswami said, “He would go for katha and pay his dandwat pranams to whoever was on the vyasasan”. He was ready to give guidance and was welcoming to all, but he initiated only a few disciples and later stopped giving initiation. He lived simply and his main concern in life was how to best serve Shri Radharamanji.

One of the miracles of Shri Radharaman, which was published by Dr. OBL Kapoor in Braj ke Bhakt, reveals Ramakant Goswami’s humility. A lady by the name of Girija Devi lived within the Radha Raman Ghera. She rarely went for darshan and Goswamiji suspected that she was not of good character. One day, she arrived at Goswamiji’s house during the night and said that Radharaman ji was calling him.

Radhakant Goswami and his uncle Bihari Lal ji Maharaj went together to the temple and when they opened the doors, they  saw that Radharamanji’s water pot was not next to His bed. Radharamanji himself was completely pale. Ramakant Goswami was shocked that Radharamanji had indeed spoken to Girija Devi.  (Click here to read a full account of the miracle in Ramakant Goswami’s own words)

We are blessed to hear this Lila through the mercy of Ramakant Goswami, who helped so many to understand that Radharamanji goes to great lengths to help those who dedicate themselves to His service – when we are ready to learn, he is ready to teach.

Those who met Ramakant Goswami feel blessed. His was a life of dedicated service, of humility and of optimism.


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