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Preparations for Lunar New Year cultural programs

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Braj, 2018.03.15

The first day of the Lunar New Year will be celebrated on Sunday, 18th March. After nine days of celebrations, Ram Navami will be celebrated on Sunday 25th March.

Preparations are underway for the ‘mela’ at Nari Semari Devi temple. Millions of people will make their way to the village from the highway at Chatta to Braj’s famous Nari Semari temple.

This year, special buses are being arranged and a temporary train station will also bring passengers close to the temple, so that visitors can have darshan during the auspicious Navaratri period.

Local authorities are also organizing a cultural festival at Jubilee park on 16th and 17th March. Mathura MLA Shrikant Sharma will attend the festival, alongside Minister for Culture, Lakshmi Narayan Chaudhary and Mayor Dr Mukesh Aryabandhu.  At 9pm, an impressive lineup of poets will showcase their latest works. The audience will hear from poets including: Santosh Anand, Dr. Umashankar Rahi, Ramashankar Pandey, Sabaras Murasani, Padam Singh Albeela, Anil Vajpai and Rubya Khan.

The program will be inaugurated by the sadhus and goswamis of Braj and will include folk dance, poetry and rangoli competitions.


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