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Vraj to Become a Model of Eco-tourism

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blog-0611718001414704063.jpgMathura, 28th October, 2014: The Braj Parikrama will become a model of eco-tourism under the Heritage City plan. The promotion of eco-tourism and a total facelift for Braj heritage is being planned by the government officials. The new District Magistrate Rajesh Kumar is taking an interest in the Heritage City plan.

The District Administration has been looking at the hills, riverfronts and parikramas of Vraja in order to promote eco-tourism. The various government departments are working in coordination to make the heritage city plan. The parikrama routes of Vraja are being prioritized for eco-development and beautification.

The particular designated areas in Mathura District are the parikramas of Vraja 84 kos, Govardhan, Vrindavan (panch kosi) , Mathura parikrama, Barsana, Nandgaon, Gokul and Kokilavan parikramas will be beautified according to the proposal being prepared. The tourism, forestry, culture and archaeological departments are all working together to prepare the proposal under the heritage city plan.

The MVDA’s proposed ropeway in Varsana will be an added attraction for the heritage plan. A big number of trees will be planted in the hills of Vraja to give a boost to the ecology. The proposal includes fencing and lighting of the parikrama margs, ambulance and first aid services, public conveniences, police patrolling, traffic management, cleanliness and drinking water arrangements.

While the heritage city proposals are being sent to the Central Government, the fund for the rope way is about to be released from the State Government.

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