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Pran Krishna Das Baba Experiencing Physical Distress

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blog-0378539001414703971.jpgRadha Kund, 2014.10.29: Aging Pran Krishna Das Baba of Radha Kund is having health problems.

Disciples report that yesterday he was close to leaving his body, and spent the entire day under observation by his doctor. He was feeling pain in his body and unable to follow his usual discipline of sadhana and bhajan.

His disciples, including many foreigners who have come to Radha Kund to observe Karttik festivities, were crying and praying for his recovery. They saw him as suffering from separation. Even when unconscious or dreaming, he was seen to be chanting the Hare Krishna mantra and internally absorbed in his sadhana to please Radharani.

But when Baba finally came to awareness, he asked to go on Govardhan parikrama. The devotees immediately wanted to take him, but doctor would not allow it.

This morning, however, Babaji seemed completely recovered and once again was up at 2 am to follow his customary dedicated practice, doing kirtan, japa, Radha Kund parikrama with kirtan visiting all temples to get mangala arati darshan. Then he did puja in the Radha Vinod temple and kirtan in Sri Nityananda Baithak.

Devotees reported that he seemed to be doing his sadhana with even more power and enthusiasm. While on parikrama he spoke Hari Katha incessantly to his beloved disciples. Later he was taken on Govardhan Parikrama in a car.

Prana Krishna Das Babaji Maharaja was born 1918, in the Dhaka Dakshin village in Sylhet district in now Bangladesh, which is the birthplace of Jagannath Mishra. He was initiated by the descendant of Nityananda Prabhu, Prabhupada Jadu Gopal Goswami of Nabadwip, and also took spiritual direction from his son Prabhupada Madan Gopal Goswami with whom he traveled frequently. He finally moved to Radha Kund in 1970 and has resided there permanently ever since, taking vesh from Bhagavat Das Babaji. He resolutely performed Govardhan parikrama until very recently he became too old to continue the practice.

The seva of Radha Vinode on the parikrama marg near Shyam Kund has been under his management and that of and his disciple Bhagavan Das for the last fifteen years. 24 hour kirtan has also been conducted out at the Radha Vinode temple since 2005.

Read more about Pran Krishna Das Babaji Maharaj here.

Babaji was known as “bela baba” as he would do his parikrama while doing loud kirtan and playing his bela as he had been instructed Gopal Krishna himself. He would perform 7-8 parikramas of Sri Radha Kund daily.

Baba is also famous for his physical resilience. Once the bone in his hip was displaced and he was ordered by the doctor to keep to his bed, but after less than a week he was sitting on the back of a bicycle driven by one of his disciples, and fully recovered in another ten days. He is accepted in Radha Kund as a real saint, especially by those who have known him for a long time.

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