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Radharani Braj Yatra, Day 8: Singar, Bichhor, Vismoran

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blog-0943317001414759273.pngDay 8: Places visited: Singar, Bichhor, Vismoran (Braja Chora)

The yatra is now travelling in the outer Muslim villages, where no yatra has gone before. These villages are in the northwest corner of Braj, which fall within Haryana state. The leading kirtaneers wore the abaya (black robe) of the Muslim women. What a surprise it was for the to see ‘their own-dressed wise’ chanting the holy names.

The reception was a kind of silent admiration. After all they are Brajabasis with Hindu blood in their veins.


We first came to the village Singar, the word śṛngāra means decorating and at this place three types of decorating līlās were performed. This is according to the scriptures and the great saints.

The first of these līlās is where Shri Radhika made did Krishna’s śṛngāra and he did hers. Since this event took place in this very village, it is called Singar.

The second event is with the cowherd boys, the little friends of Krishna, who decorated him with wild flowers and leaves. In this way they decorated him in this very village.

Thirdly, Krishna along with his cowherd friends decorated the cows. Their horns were garlanded with varieties of pearls, garlands of wild flowers, and precious diamonds. This was not only because the cow is the mother of the universe, but because they just adored their cows.

These are the three activities of śṛngāra that gave this village its name.


After Singar comes the village Bichhor, vichoḍanā means being separated. After Shri Krishna and Shri Radhika unite in śṛngāra-līlā, i.e., decorating themselves, they then come to this village where they have to then separate, going their separate ways. Radha heads to Barsana and Krishna to Nandagaon. Therefore the pastime of separation takes place here, giving the name Bichhor to this local.

Another name for this place is Vismoran Ban, from which Bichhor is a derivative. The explanation given by the great saints of Braja is that Bichhor comes from the word Braja Chora. Since the town is on the border of Braja and from here one can go out of Braja. Choḍa means leaving or the leaving place, thus the name of Braja Chora means the village from which one can leave Braja.

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