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Tribunal orders officials to replace Govardhan Shilas, repair damage

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Govardhan, 2018.03.23

Today is the second day of the hearing of the petition against government construction activities on Govardhan’s inner Parikrama Marg. On Wednesday, National Green Tribunal (NGT) officials visited Govardhan to inspect the site where a signboard welcoming people to Rajasthan was installed. The tribunal has expressed displeasure with the action of the Bharatpur Government.

Any further construction, including the huge welcome gate that the Bharatpur Government was planning to build has been stopped. The Tribunal has also ordered that the Govardhan Shilas which were dug out of the ground to make the pits for the signboard and gate must be installed at the bottom of Govardhan Hill. Meanwhile, Sadhus are demanding an apology to Govardhan.


Ganga Das Babaji and others making offerings to Shri Govardhan, P.C. Patrika

Construction on Govardhan’s inner Parikrama Marg has been outlawed since an NGT ruling in 2015, and other sign boards that were too close to Shri Govardhan have been removed previously. Despite this, and despite knowing the religious significance of Shri Govardhan, the Bharatpur Government hired a contractor to use heavy machinery to install a tourists-welcome-sign withing the perimeter of Govardhan reserve.

Ganga Das Baba witnessed the digging on the side of Govardhan. He said that they worship Govardhan as a child, and, when the digging was going on, he saw that Govardhan had become red with anger. He was moved to tears and started the protest that led to the hearing in the NGT.

Babaji contacted several NGOs who tried to stop the construction, but the Bharatpur administration was not ready to stop the work until Satyaprakash Mangal from the National Krishna Circuit Committee, filed a petition in the NGT on Tuesday. The NGT worked quickly by ordering a stay on all construction activities that very day and summoning the officials and contractors involved to appear before the tribunal on Wednesday.

Poor construction on Giriraj ji stopped, NGT summoned Bharatpur officials

Making amends to Shri Govardhan: Fresh soil and cleaning on the inner Parikrama Marg on Thursday, P.C. Patrika


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