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Love is indeed the best way to serve and please the Lord

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Love is indeed the best way to serve and please the Lord. Why do we say Love is a prayer? Because whatever humans may pray for and ask God for is futile, temporary and will not quench the inner thirst. But asking God for Love, praying to God to ignite and burn the flame of Love in one's soul and heart is the only thing one should ask Him. Only the most intelligent one will ask God for Love to be granted: the Love for Him and to serve Him. And even to ask God to give Himself is not often a first class prayer. Do you know why?

Imagine that God appears due to His endless Mercy in front of someone and says, 'Ask what you want. I will give it to you.' And that one says, 'Dear God, I want You, give me Yourself' as when we have Him, we have all that we need. But even if God, due to His playfulness and a good sense of humour in that moment says , 'Okay, I give My Self to you' in your mind you will be saying: what should I do with Him? 

You see, one should ask only for Love, PREMA, you know. This is not only what the most intelligent ones ask for, but also the most brave and courageous ones, because it is one thing to ask God, to pray for PREMA to be in our hearts as humans, and totally something else when a pure devotee asks for it. Actually a pure devotee is a form of PREMA but it is an eternally-consuming Love then, and that is what makes one courageous and dauntless, a servant of God. Although it is our natural position, one can serve without Love and as the pretext of something else behind it. So, again, asking for PREMA is the highest as it includes eternal service to Him, as this poet-saint said at the end of this song:

Sūra Krūra Is Lāyaka Nāhī
Kaha Lag Karau Badāī
Sabse Ūnchī Prema Sagāī

Surdas asks, 'In what way could I worship the merciful and magnanimous Lord?'

Really, only offering ourselves to Him, with love and for Love, is true service, true prayer, and as Surdas already concluded:

Prema Ke Bas Nripa Sevā Kīnhī
Āp Bane Hari Nāī
Sabse Ūnchī Prema Sagāī

Love is indeed the best way to serve and to please the Lord.

There is unparalleled pleasure even just in thinking and imagining the Lord being pleased with one's love. It thrills one, empowers one, makes one alive, etc. Really, Love is life and all the reason to live. When that love is for God, then love finds its way back home. That's when love transforms into Prem, and as Prem is His Nature, that is the only suitable thing to offer Him.'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
26 March 2018

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