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The Vedas explain that God created us out of His inexhaustible desire for loving exchanges

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The Vedas explain that God created us out of His inexhaustible desire for loving exchanges. Thus, friendship with Him is the original state of the soul.

That is why this strong pull towards God, to go even beyond the known despite everything. Everything longs to and tends to express its original nature, even the gold that is still mixed with dirt and has to stand the fire of purification in order to shine as that is its nature. Or a diamond that withstands unbearable pressure to express what it really is. In the same way, a soul, although covered by delusions and the mind, always tries to reconnect with its original position: its relationship with God.

Even if this longing is dormant in consciousness, it still is expressed in the human need to socialise and to love and be loved. But only reconnection with our true nature and position will satisfy us. Nothing less than God can satisfy our inner thirst.'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
28 March 2018

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