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Why is the satguru the best and only friend?

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He never leaves anyone, always forgives and always trusts His people. It is difficult to see, since even if He knows the heart of those who will betray Him, out of His mercy He gives all a chance to change. His only Will is that all humans awaken in true Love.

For humans, friendship is a great virtue, but although people can show great courage and sacrifice for a friend, it functions only when everything is okay and this friendly love is uninterrupted. But, when due to the mind, love turns into hate or doubt or similar, it is very difficult to restore that friendship. It is, after all, based on human capacities and possibilities.

Yet the one who is free, whose heart is pure and who loves free of any expectation and simply enjoys giving and loving, that one is capable of a sacrifice that is a death for death itself. He has eternal vision and trust in us, ever since the time when we were just a seed until the full blossom of the fruit of the tree of the soul.

That is why the Satguru is the best and only true friend. It is not for only one life; it is a friendship despite any odds, which only a loving heart and the awakened Consciousness of the soul can perceive.'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
30 March 2018


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