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Hanuman Jayanti celebrations in Mathura’s Gujar Ghati temple

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Mathura 2018.03.31

Braj is home to several ancient Hanuman temples, including Gujar Ghati Hanuman in Mathura. Gujar Ghati Hanuman is said to be the older brother of Mehandipur Balaji Hanuman. Like Balaji Hanuman, Gujar Ghati Hanuman is said to fulfill the desires of devotees who pray with an earnest heart.

Today, on the birth anniversary of Shri Hanuman, devotees of Lord Hanuman packed themselves into the temple to catch a glimpse of the abhishek ceremony which was done using almost 400 kg of panchamrita (five nectars): milk, curd, sugar, honey and Ganga water.

After the abhishek, panchamrita was distributed among devotees, who felt very blessed to partake of this rare nectar, then Hanumanji was dressed in fine attire ready for the evening darshan.

The temple is filled with devotees every day because the power of the temple to change people’s lives has been proven time and time again. There are countless stories of people who have received blessings enabling them to overcome difficulties and worrying situations.

Gujar Ghati Hanuman is hundreds of years old and is said to be self-manifested. Many people come to the temple for hours per day, where they sit to meditate and absorb the devotional atmosphere.


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