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'What an alchemist is the mind!

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'What an alchemist is the mind! In one moment, a poison can be turned into a nectar, but also a nectar can be turned into a poison.

What does this say? One has to master the mind! How? There are many ways and techniques, but the result is achieved only when the performance of these techniques is successful. What does this mean? If a technique can light up the Light of Consciousness and the fire of Love – our true nature as Masters say – then it will be possible. The more one is aware, awake and conscious, the more mastery there will be. This mastery leads to the Realisation of who is the Master of this masterpiece called ‘mind’ and ‘creation’. Then, the mind will transform poison into nectar and nectar into more nectar until bliss always prevails. Then, the mind is transformed into a divine mind.

And that is the greatest alchemy.'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
4 April 2018


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