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Why is Love at the same time both easy and difficult to understand?

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'Why is Love at the same time both easy and difficult to understand?

Because to understand Love one has to be in Love, one has to be Love. There is no other way. It is then very easy to understand it, although this kind of understanding of Love has nothing to do with the mind and logic, as it is actually a direct perception and seeing things as they truly are.

Love is very difficult to understand when one approaches it with the mind, simply because of the mind's limitations. And this is when many misunderstandings happen. Due to its limitations, once the mind cannot comprehend Love, it starts to project ideas about Love, and with that, come expectations. It is then when the limited mind starts to think about how Love should be, especially in terms of how one should be loved by others, and if it is not so, one is disappointed and frustrated.

One cannot see the simple fact about Love: Love means having the energy of Love and giving it. From a psychological point of view, it is not about receiving love, but giving it; it is not how much we are loved, but how much we love. And again, it is never about others, but only about us!!!

Why is it difficult to understand Love? Because when people hear 'unconditional love', although they know this is the way to love, due to their own karmas and vasanas, their minds usually revolve around how they should be loved unconditionally. Rarely do they hear that it means to love unconditionally. The one who loves unconditionally doesn’t have a problem with telling the truth, even when it is bitter or even risky to tell it. When love is conditional, there will always be some interest there, and due to that, one cannot be really sincere and truthful.

People can understand that Jesus sacrificed Himself but cannot understand why He threw out traders from the temple. His anger and fiery nature is difficult to understand. People easily relate with a mother’s affectionate love, but what about a mother’s strict love?'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
5 April 2018


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