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Who should influence whom? A devotee influences a non-devotee or vice versa?

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'Who should influence whom? A devotee influences a non-devotee or vice versa?

It is always the devotee who has an influence. The devotee is the one whose mind is always focused and absorbed into the Supreme Lord at all times. At the beginning, until one gets deeper spiritual experiences and right knowledge, one may flicker and due to that, any kind of wind can be a danger to one's inner Light. That is why sangha is very important and that is why the Guru is the priceless gem in one's life and on one's path. Guru Shakti and Sangha Shakti are the protection of the sincere devotee and certainly a devotee will attain the state of steadiness and will be the one who makes a difference, who has an influence.

One will realise the power of having God's presence in one's life, at first by focusing the mind on Him, then by having the company of other devotees and the protection of the Guru Sangha (here it means both, the Guru and the Guru's spiritual family). Through one's own experiences, one will become more and more fearless and the Lord will more and more shine through one.

When it comes to God, do not be shy. Ask and ask for the best. And in this way, one will be an inspiration simply by being oneself.'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
6 April 2018


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