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Water Crisis: Only those who can pay get water supply

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borehole-hand-pump-500x500-780x585.jpgMathura, 2018.04.24

In Mathura’s Krishna Nagar Market, business owners and residents are having trouble getting access to water. Dozens of hand pumps have dried up or are broken, causing distress to people who already live in very difficult conditions, without running water.

The Dalit residents of Ambedkar Nagar colony, have been lodging complaints for the last month about the colony’s tube well drying up. The colony’s 5000 residents are facing water shortages that make carrying out daily tasks difficult and time consuming.

Even in the most populated colonies of Mathura, government pipelines are patchy with some areas having access to supply water and other area without. Even where there is government supply water, it is only supplied for 40 minutes in the morning and evenings.

People who can manage their own boring are spending thousands of rupees drilling for water under their land and there are no guarantees that the boring will produce sweet water.

The Municipal Representative for Ward 70, Vaibhav Agarwal, said that the falling levels of the Yamuna are increasing the difficulty of supplying drinking water to residents.

Housing colonies on hills and plateaus such as Retia Bazaar only get water at low pressure and the water that is earmarked for these colonies is further diminished by illegal connections tapping into the water pipelines.

The Municipal Corporation was instructed to take action to ensure that water pumps are in working order before summer. During the summer months, the demand for water increases significantly but the Municipality has turned a deaf ear to people’s cry for water.

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