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Shrila Vishwananda Swami

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Photo - 'I give them what they need and keep what they have'

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'I give them what they need and keep what they have.' Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 9, Verse 22).

What Krishna means is that true security comes to one only when one gives up all thoughts of security on the outside and trusts that He is taking care of all.

Human insecurity arises in two aspects of consideration: first, one feels insecure or fears losing something one has. That is what the Lord said, 'I keep what they have'. The second is the great fear of not having something one desires. Here, He said, 'I give them what they need', so that the two continual causes of fear may be removed from the heart of man, so that true Bhakti to Him alone can be established. He gives an environment inside in which consciousness can awaken and be aware of itself. What does He keep? The same: consciousness.

From God’s perspective, it may look that this is the most important thing. But the very thinking in this direction can result in a too-serious way of looking at life which can make it hard, dry and even dull. Krishna was well aware and conscious of the mundane longing of the human mind while telling this.

At the same time, if only that was true, then there would not be an individual soul, free will (no matter how small and limited it may be), creativity, desire and manifestations. Also there wouldn't be the law of karma, nor would one be able to perceive God and His Love.'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
26 April 2018


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