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What is Purushottam month?

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Srila Gurudeva Purushotam mas mahina&siksa:
What is Purushottam month?

Gurudev: Purushottam month is for the Bengalis we call it mal mas(the month f stool)because stool is what comes out of the body isn’t it? And of the twelve months this one is out is the thirteen months.

But the scriptures say this is Purushottam month, the greatest month. Why the greatest month, it is the king of all the months, I don’t know much, those that hear the Krishna katha that read the scriptures they know. In this month Nrisinhadev appeared to protect His devotee.

This is called the extra month in this month whoever does sadhana, bhajan Is a great benefit like in kartik month one day of bhajan is like the whole year, they will get so much benefit.

Devotee: And the one who sins in this month, baba?

Gurudev: Who sins…they will not get any reaction from sin…devotees laughing.

Devotee: Will not get the reaction Guruji?

Gurudev: No this is the regulation in Kali yuga, whoever thinks about getting spiritual benefits will get them, just by thinking about it, but thinking about sin will not get reaction. So in this Purushottam do or don’t do sin just try to get the most spiritual benefits, it comes only after three years.

Devotee: What sadhana should we perform in Purushottam month?

Gurudev: Wake up at 3 oçlock and chant 1 lac of Nam, Prashad, what can we say we only eat Prashad twelve months of the year but whoever doesn’t do thakur puja, this month for sure they should do it.

If we don’t do thakur puja the mantra devata is not pleased and the mantra does not work. One should offer tulsi to His lotus feet, how much time will take to offer two or four leaves of tulsi.

Raghunath das Goswami offered everyday 8 tulsi manjaris, doesn’t cost anything to offer tulsi to Thakurji, you can plant or get from the side of the street, Thakurji should be offered tulsi the twelve months of the year, it is an eternal seva, is necessary to offer tulsi but she is not alive the whole year she dies in cold season and cannot find tulsi to do puja still try to find a few leaves, how much you need?

Nitai, Gour, Advaita and Shri Krishna and Radharani that’s it ten leaves maybe, so much we can do in pujahow many rules and regulations, mantra, tantra but if we don’t offer tulsi is not complete the worship.

Do something if you don’t do anything then will be faulty; there is no point in associating with non devotees, they will tell you not to go to a sadhu, there is no goal in having the association of an offender, Krishna himself says He will take care of His devotees, it is in the scriptures, that is why I am telling you, we should not accept anything that is not said in the scriptures otherwise will be punished by going far away of Bhakti.

Do sadhana according to the scriptures, we should rise early and do our sadhana and those that are tied in the cycle of birth and death sleep until late and do their work in the day, if you wake up late can you do any bhajan during the day? No, in the day time is so much to do, go here, go there, that is why do your bhajan in the night, means after 2 am you wake up and chant until morning and then you have the day for your work but bhajan is done, in day time you cannot chant your rounds with care you are just trying to finish them as you can, in day time you can eat and sleep but not focus in bhajan.

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