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Mathura Railway station decorated with paintings of Shri Krishna Lila

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31947672_10214170650653231_3782148540160016384_n-780x511.jpgMathura, 2018.05.05

An artist from Kerala has been engaged to paint murals depicting Shri Krishna Lila at Mathura Railway Station. The initial phase of the project includes five murals, three of which are complete.

It is hoped that the Murals will give passengers the feeling of being in a sacred place as soon as they enter the station. Watching passengers on the station clicking snaps of the murals gives the impression that the murals are a hit with tourists.NBT-image.jpg

Kerala artist, Sumesh, who was chosen to paint the murals, said that this style of art can be seen in the Ajanta and Ellora caves, in temples in South India and in the Chitrasutra, the oldest known treatise on painting in the world. According to the Chitrasutra, which dates back to the 5th Century AD, religious art has a beneficial influence on viewers and is the greatest treasure of mankind. Sumesh, said that the murals should last for more than fifty years.

Locals have mixed feelings about the exhibition. Some have been left wondering why the authorities did not choose to promote Braj’s painters, many of whom have been acclaimed internationally.

Braj also has its own traditional artform, known as Sanjhi. It is said that sanjhi dates back to Radha and Krishna, who used to make images of each other using flower petals and other materials. These days, coloured powders are used to make vibrant sanjhi on a variety of backgrounds with some sanjhi made in water and others on paper or directly on the earth.

In October 2017, Rail Minister Piyush Goyal made a visit to Mathura Railway station to discuss the renovation of the station. Hema Malini’s office and railway officials organized the detailed budget for the project which was approved by the Northern Railways Department.

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