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Govardhan temples warned to stop milk flowing into drains of face police action

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Govardhan, 2018.05.10

Govardhan temple managers have been given six days to make arrangements to stop milk from flowing into drains. The temples were served notices yesterday informing them that police action will be taken against those who fail to comply with the order. The NGT is now taking this strict stance after the managers of Govardhan temples have repeatedly failed to comply with the tribunal’s order to recycle the milk that is offered to Giriraj.

Mukut Mukharvind temple, situated at the bank of Mansi Ganga; Danghati temple and Hargokul temple received warning notices from the National Green Tribunal (NGT). The temples have been instructed to install a system to recycle the offered milk. The notice warns that a FIR will be lodged against the temple manager if they fail to comply with the notice.

Every day, hundreds of litres of milk are offered to Shri Govardhan. Small temples usually manage to collect the milk and distribute it as Prasad, however, larger temples have been allowing milk to flow into drains. The huge quantity of milk flowing into drains has become an environmental issue as it creates an unpleasant odour. Apart from the environmental concerns, it is also hard to believe that Shri Govardhan would want milk to pour into drains.

The matter is scheduled to be heard again in the NGT on the 14th June.

Yesterday, the SDM of Govardhan, DP Singh, also issued a notice to The Braj Foundation that entrance to kunds must not be obstructed even while the kund is under renovation. The Foundation has also been ordered to seek permission from the NGT before beginning restoration work.

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