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Chandra Sarovar – made of the moonbeams of enchantment

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Chandra SarovaraGovardan, 2018.05.27

This enchanting sarovar is situated Parsauli village in Govardhan. This sarovar is one of the places where the Maharasa takes place, so it abounds with secrets and mysteries.

Many groups make this kund the 6th stop on Braj Mandal Parikrama. This stopping point is around 8km from Mukharai, Radha Rani’s Grandmother, Mukhara Devi’s village. In Mukharai village, there is a kund called Mukhara Kund. After departing from Mukharai, pilgrims take darshan of Radha Kund and then reach Chandra Sarovar.

There is not much in the way of facilities for visitors here. There is no drinking water or shady place to sit. There are no facilities for visitors to stay overnight and no toilets.

This kund, which is said to have been made by moonbeams should be one of the most glorious and luxurious places of Braj.

As you have probably heard, during the Maharasa, time stood still. While time stood still for one whole day of Lord Brahma. Chandra Ma (the moon) stood still above Parsauli village and it is said that the moonbeams that rained down here created what we now call Chandra Sarovar. This pastime is described in the Varah Purana and this sarovar the Garga Samhita says that Chandra Sarovar is the nose of Giriraj Ji.

There is a small shrine here called Shringar Mandir, where Shri Krishna decorated Radha with flower garlands and ornaments.

Surdas came Chandra Sarovar to meditate on Radha Krishna’s pastimes and there is a shrine to him called ‘Sur Kuti’.

Shri Krishna performs Rasa Lila of two distinct types, one in the autumn season (Saradiya) and one in the spring season (Vasant), on Vaisakha Purnima. Chandra Sarovar is associated with Shri Krishna’s Vasant Rasa.

In Saradiya, the autumn season, the Rasa Dance was performed in Vrindavan, under the shade of the Vamsivata tree, in the beginning of Kartika month. All classes of gopis participated in that Saradiya rasa-yatra, whereas in this Govardhana Vasanti-rasa, only the highest class of gopis were allowed to participate. In this Spring Rasa Dance, Lord Krishna openly demonstrated the prominence and superiority of Srimati Radhika.

Shri Shri Radha Uddhava BihariKrishna disappeared in the midst of this Vasanti Rasa Dance, and all the gopis were bitterly crying, “Where is Krishna? Where is Krishna?” The gopis searched for him everywhere, and after some time they saw him in his four-handed form, standing like a statue. Coming nearer, they said, “Oh, he looks like Krishna, but at the same time he is not Krishna. Our Krishna is not four-handed. Where is his flute, his peacock feather, and all his other apparel gone? He now carries a conch shell, disc, club, and lotus flower – in four hands!” They prayed to him, “We are very attached to Krishna, and we are searching for him. We will die without him. If you are Narayana, please be merciful and tell us which way he went. Be merciful so that we may find him.” Then, after praying in this way, they left and went on their way.

When Srimati Radhika was arriving after the other gopis had left that place, the breeze that had just touched her veil carried so much fragrance from her body that it entered the nostril of Krishna and he thought, “Oh, my most beloved is near.” He forgot that he was supposed to maintain his four-handed form, and he could no longer hide his original form. Two hands disappeared at once, entering his body, and his original two-armed form reappeared – with his flute in his hands and his peacock feather atop his head.

“At the beginning of the Rasa Dance, Lord Krishna hid himself in a grove just to have fun. When the gopis came, their eyes resembling those of deer, by his sharp intelligence he exhibited his beautiful four-armed form to hide himself. But when Srimati Radharani came there, he could not maintain his four arms. This is the wonderful glory of her love.” (a quotation from the Ujjvala-nilamani by Srila Rupa Goswami, as quoted in Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita 1.17.293)

When Krishna sees Radhika, his most beloved and the embodiment of all love and affection, he forgets everything else.

All glories to Shri Radha who is the enchanter of the enchanter!

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