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Radha Rani’s Birthplace Adopted by Hema Malini

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blog-0821233001415653199.jpgMathura, 2014.11.10 (VT): Hema Malini, Mathura’s Member of Parliament, showed her devotion for Radha Rani by adopting her birth place Rawal as a model village, to which she will give special attention for its overall development.

This village Rawal is all set to be transformed into a model village after the Cinestar turned politician adopted it under the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna’. ‘SAGY’ is a development project launched by PM Narendra Modi on October 11, on the event of the birth anniversary of the social reformer Jai Prakash Narayan. ‘SAGY’ is a rural development scheme in which a Member of Parliament across all the political parties has been invited by the Prime Minister to adopt a hamlet and transform it into a model village be 2016. The development will be focused in the socio cultural enhancement of the rural communities.

Rawal comes under the Baldeo block, and has the significance of being the maternal home of Radha Rani, the divine consort of Shri Krishna. It is said that Radha Rani took birth in Raval, from where her mother Kirttida came.

Hema Malini said that when she was canvassing she happened to visit the village. She never knew that she would adopt this village one day. She was blessed for getting an opportunity to concentrate on the development of culturally significant village.

The Maant, Baldeo, Goverdhan and Chhata blocks were amongst those surveyed in the search for a village that would be ideal as a model for rural development. When Uma Bharti visited Mathura, she appealed to Hema to adopt Nagla Chandrabhan, which is the birth place of Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay. But Hema preferred the village which is on bank of Yamuna, having 4400 population.

The village Rawal is constituted of the settlements of Nagla Gopi, Nagla Raji, Nagla Kola and Nagla Maharaj. The main occupation of this village is agriculture. There is no government service available in this village. No sign of development can be seen in it. The development will be done in public-private partnership, where Iskcon and the Art of Living have promised her to become the private partners in the development. Some corporate houses have shown their interest to become partner in the overall development of the adopted village.

The M.P wants to work on building roads, bringing electricity, setting up drinking water facilities, establishing schools, hospitals and library.

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