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Message from mahant Jairam das babaji

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Mahant Jairam Das Baba.← Mahant Jairam das babaji

Kaladhari Ashram is the Vishnu Swami Sampradaya Ashram in Vrindavan.

Devotee Swami Ghyan Devji , Swami Namdeoji and Swami Vilochan Devji were the originator Gurus of Vishnu Swami Sampradaya.

Swami Ghyan Devji spread out al over the country the spiritual love of Sri Krishna.

His disciple Namdeoji also spread out the spirit of Lord Krishna and beloved Radha Rani.

In the same way, so many devotees have time to time a chance to do themselves the Bhakti of Sri Krishna and Radha Ji in Kaladhari Ashram situated in divine place Vrindavan.

On the surface of the world this Vrindavan is such a divine and spiritual place, where you can get peace and peace, having no doubt.

In Kaladhari Ashram devotee Baba Ji Jairam Das is now flowing the wave of spiritual peace and love to many countries in the world.

Baba Jairam Das birth place is in Kamai, a village near Varsana (the birth place of Radha Rani).

Baba Jairam Das has  cows in so many variety in Kaladhari Ashram.

Baba Ji is always doing more and more work for the feeding of lovely cows of Ashram.

So many devotees, Babas and Sadhus are always  visiting the Ashram from different parts of the country.

Kaladhari Ashram has a  big area for cows and devotees so that they may live in peaceful ways.

Now by means of internet , Jairam Das is requesting from the devotees of the world please visit Kaladhari Ashram at Vrindavan and help to sponsor the stability of peace and love to all who love God and Sri Krishna.






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