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Shri Hit Harivansh describes Radha-Krishna’s inseparability

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Radha KrishnaVrindavan, 2018.06.02

Shri Hit Harivansh was the founder of the Radha Vallabh sampradaya. He was born in the early 1500’s in Braj, in Baad village but spent his childhood in Deoband, In 1534, he returned to Braj, founded the Radha Vallabh temple and spent the rest of his life worshiping Radha-Krishna and writing beautiful songs describing Their pastimes.

[Shri Hit Chaurasi pada 1]

“Whatever my beloved does, pleases me” – Sri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhuji

joi joi pyāro kare soi mohi bhāve
bhāve mohi joi soi soi kare pyāre |

Whatever my beloved does, pleases me,
and whatever pleases me, my beloved does;

moko to bhāvatī thor pyāre ke nainan mai
pyāro bhayo chāhe mere nainan ke tāre | 

The place that I cherish is in the eyes of my beloved,
and my beloved seeks to become the apple of my eyes.

mere tann mann prān hu tai prītam priya
apne kotik prān prītam moso hāre |

My beloved is yet dearer to me than body, mind and life-breath,
and my beloved has given himself up to me ten million times over;

(jay shrī) hit harivansh hans hansinī sāval gaur
kaho kaun kare jal tarangan nyāre | |

Hit Harivansh [says], as the male and female Swan* are the dark one and the fair one -tell me, who could separate the water from the waves? [to indicate that Shyama Shyam can never be separated].

*Translation adapted from Charles White and Rupert Snell. The mention of the male and female Swan Couple [Hans-Hansini] is given to intend the idea of inseparability, that they are always seen together.

Commentary of Shri Lalitcharan Goswami

Bhumika [Introduction]:

In this first pada [song] of Sri-Hit-Chaurasi, the wonderful unparalleled prema that is present in Sri Radha Shyamsundara’s eyes and hearts is described briefly but very touchingly by Sri Radha herself.  At the time of this description, Sri Shyamsundara has gone to pick flowers from another kunja. And so, seeing this as a perfect and private opportunity, Sri Radha decides to discuss the uncommon prema of her beloved Krishna with Sri Hit Sajani [Sri Hit Harivansh’s sakhi identity]. In this pada, Sri Hitacharya has very beautifully revealed Sri Radha’s extremely merciful nature [parama-udhaar-svaroop].

Vyakhya [Explanation]:

“Whatever Beloved Sri Krishna does, that is very dear to me. And whatever I like, my Beloved does.” (In these lines, Sri Radha has described the extremely rare condition of prema. For the lover and beloved’s minds to be forever united [to be completely compatible in thoughts, words and deed] is only possible in the prema of Sri Radha Shyamsundara. In the love of this world [laukika-prema] the lover and beloved are seekers of their own individual happiness.)

“I like to reside in the eyes of my Beloved and my beloved wants to become the apple of my eyes”. (Just as Sri Radha has described how she and her beloved are of one mind, one heart in the opening lines, she has revealed the same thing here, that the two of them share the same vision regarding one another.)

“My beloved is dearer to me than my body, mind and very life [prana/life-air] and my beloved Sri Krishna has offered his life to me a million times over!” (In these lines, Sri Radha is revealing that she and her Priyatam Govinda are of one life, that their life-breath are one and the same. In this way, the two are proven to be of one heart, one mind and one life. This is the extremely rare condition of divine love beyond this world [alaukik-sthiti].

(Upon hearing from Sri Radha’s own lips about her and her Beloved’s mutual, equally matching and completely pervasive divine love, Sri Hit Harivansh becoming overwhelmed by his mood of a Sakhi says). The two of you are just like a Swan couple, one fair, the other black. You are both just like the water and its waves, existing together. | meaning: no-one can separate you, not even you yourselves are capable of this.

(Sri-Hit-Dhruv-dasji taking inspiration from the above pada/song has described the nature of Sri Shyama-Shyam’s love in this way) –

prītam kisorī gorī, rasik rangīlī jorī,
prem hī ke rang borī shobhā kahī jāt hai |
ek prān, ek ves, ek hī subhāv chāv,
ek bāt duhini ke manahi suhāt hai | |

ek kunj ek seyj, ek pat audhe bete,
ek-ek bīrī dou kadhi-kadhi khāt hai |
ek ras ek prān, ek dristi ‘hit dhruv’,
heri heri badhe chaup kaho hu na aghāt hai | |

“Is it even possible to describe the glory of that divine love drenched ever-fresh golden-complexioned girl Radha [Gaurangi-naval-kishori] and her bluish-raincloud beautiful lover [neel-ghan-sundar] Krishna? (Meaning, No it is not possible. The description of their loveliness is inexpressible [anirvacaniya].

The divine couple are of matching age and possess one life-breath. Their nature and enthusiasm is also matching and their likes/tastes are also the same.

Today, they are inside one kunj [grove], sit on one bed, wear one type of clothing, taking one [spiced] betel leaf each, are chewing them with their teeth.

Sri Hit Dhruv-das says, this amazing yugal [couple] who are of one rasa, one life-breath and united by heart, gaze at each other and feel newer and newer enthusiasm, in other words, they never tire of one another’s loving company and beauty.”

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