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Vraja Vilasa 3: Bowing down to Vraja and its residents, I hope to attain Radha Madhava

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Bowing down to their abode Vraja and its inhabitants through these verses, I hope to see my most beloved king and queen, Sri Sri  Radha Madhava, the memory of a single drop from the nectar ocean of whose sweetness has greatly agitated my heart.


smṛteḥ kaṇenāpy atilolitātmā |
padyair vrajasthān akhilān vrajaṁ ca
natvā sva-nāthau bata tau didṛkṣe ||3||

Stavāmṛta kaṇā vyākhyā (commentary of  Sri Ananta das Babaji) : How great is Shripad Raghunath Das’s passionate devotion, which caused such a great yearning for bhajan even in his old age.

His extraordinary renunciation and his harsh adherence to the regulative principles of bhajan simultaneously arise in one place with the tenderness of his loving devotion, always serving as a shining example for the rāga-bhaktas like the pole star Deeply absorbed in bhajan, Raghunath Das is weeping on the bank of Radha Kund. He cannot remain alive without seeing the Lord directly. Occasionally a transcendental vision of the sweetness of Sri Sri Radha Madhava awakens in him, the relish of which expands a supernatural bliss in his consciousness, and then a moment later the vision ends and his lamentations double in intensity.

It is comparable to a flash of lightning on a cloudy new moon night, which afterwards makes the traveller doubly blind. What a wonderful condition of bhāva awakens when the premika once relishes the sweetness of the Lord through his eyes, and then this vision vanishes.

Srila Vishwanath Chakravarti describes this in his Mādhurya-kādambinī (8th shower):

…hanta hanta kena vā anirvacanīya bhāgyena svayaṁ hasta prāpto nidhir ajani, kena vā mahāparādhena tataś cyutam iti, niścetuṁ niścetano’haṁ na prabhavāmi tad bādhāvādhitadhīḥ kva yāmi kiṁ vā karomi kam upāyam atra kam uha vā pṛcchāmi mahā-śūnyam iva nirātmakam iva niḥśaraṇam iva dāva pluṣṭam iva māṁ nigilad iva tribhuvanam avaloke

“Alas! Alas! By some indescribable stroke of luck I had this jewel in my very hand! What offence did I commit that caused it to fall from there? I am ignorant, so I cannot ascertain anything myself! I’ve become like a great fool! Where shall I go? What shall I do? Who can I ask for a solution to this? I feel completely empty as if bereft of all relatives, without shelter as if burning in a forest fire! It is as if the three worlds are devouring me!”

If a sādhana-siddha-premika experiences this out of want for the sweetness of the Lord, one can easily imagine how powerful the condition of separation of a nitya-siddha-parikara like Shripad Raghunath must be.

When his transcendental visions vanish, he feels a strong want and even during such sphuraṇa (unfolding) visions he feels a deep hankering for the direct attainment of the deity. In such a condition Raghunath praised the holy Dham of Vraja and the eternal associates of the Lord in this Vraja-vilāsa-stava, as a means to directly attain the Lord.

In this verse he says: I have become extremely greedy after remembering the flavor of even one drop from the divine sweet nectar ocean of Sri Sri Radha Madhava.” (yan-mādhurī divya-sudhā-rasābdheḥ smṛteḥ kaṇenāpy atilolitātmā).

The divine nectar of Sri Sri Radha Madhava’s sweetness is like a billowing ocean. When Shripad relishes a sphuraṇa-vision of even one drop of this nectar he becomes overwhelmed. Because he attracts everyone from the material universes up to Vaikuntha and Goloka, from the mobile and immobile creatures up to Lakshmi Narayan and even himself, the Lord of Goloka, with his wonderful sweetness, he is named Krishna.

vṛndāvane aprākṛta navīna madana;
kāma gāyatrī kāma bīje yāra upāsana
puruṣa yoṣit kibā sthāvara jaṅgama;
sarva cittākarṣaka sākṣān manmatha madana
śṛṅgāra rasarājamaya mūrtidhara;
ataeva ātma paryanta sarva citta hara

The transcendental youthful Cupid of Vrindavan is worshiped with the Kāma-Gāyatrī-mantra with the seed syllable of Cupid, the Kāma-bīja. He attracts men and women, mobile and immobile creatures, for he is the enchanter of Cupid himself. He is the embodiment of the king of flavors, the erotic, and thus he captivates even his own mind! (Caitanya Caritāmṛta Madhya 8.137-139)

Along with his all-attractive, ever fresh and dense śyāma-beauty, the tender Shyamasundar who is an ocean of sweetness and the root cause of all luster, there is

premera svarūpa deha prema vibhāvita;
kṛṣṇera preyasī śreṣṭhā jagate vidita.

Who can describe the power of the clash of the billowing waves of this incomparable ocean of sweetness, the golden embodiment of mahābhāva, that shines like fresh gorocana-pigments, Krishna’s dearmost beloved Srimati Varshabhanavi, with the Krishna ocean?

Simply by remembering one drop of this, Raghunath Das Goswami becomes exceedingly greedy. Jiva Gosvamīpada gives a slight hint of this self-manifest sweetness of Sri Sri  Radha Madhava:

gaura-śyāma-rucojjvalābhir amalair akṣnor vilāsotsavair
nṛtyantībhir aśeṣa-mādana-kalā-vaidagdhya-1digdhātmabhiḥ
anyonya-priyatā-sudhā-parimala-stomonmadābhiḥ sadā
rādhā-mādhava-mādhurībhir abhitaś cittaṁ mamākramyatām

“May Radha and Madhava, who are shining with a golden and bluish splendor, whose eyes are dancing in a spotless festival of play, who are anointed with endless cleverness in erotic artistry, and who are greatly delighted by the nectarean fragrance of their mutual dearness, attack my mind in all respects with their sweetness.” (Śrī Kṛṣṇa Sandarbha 581)

The purport of this verse is:

“May the combined self manifest, indescribable forms of Sri Sri  Radha Madhava arise in my consciousness in such a way that not even the slightest other awareness will remain. May that sweetness never leave my consciousness!” – This is Shripad’s wish.

He describes this sweetness as a bright golden and bluish splendor. In other words, the sapphire-like luster of Shyam and the golden luster of Sri Radha illuminate all directions. Because of being with the beloved, Sri Radha’s right eye and Sri Krishna’s left eye are gladdened by wonderful gestures, dancing with indescribable sweetness. The endless manifesting expertise of Vrishabhanu-nandini’s mādanākhya-mahābhāva is as if surrounding Their sublime bodies.

In other words, their bodies are adorned by the sweetness of innumerable wonderful pastimes like kissing and embracing, which are the visible signs of that mādana-bhāva from which innumerable pastimes become revealed, generating all bhāvas, from rati up to mahābhāva.

Then again they are gladdened by the fragrance of sweetness that anoints Them with the unguents of mutual love and enchants all the people. In other words, just as the vermilion and other unguents that adorn a hero and heroine’s body makes their bodies fragrant and delights their bystanding girlfriends, similarly the fragrance of Sri Sri  Radha Madhava’s mutual love supremely delights their sakhīs.

Śrīmat Jīva Gosvāmī said: “May this sweetness attack my consciousness in all respects!”

The remembrance of even a drop of this ocean of Śrī Śrī Rādhā-Mādhava’s very powerful sweetness greatly overwhelms Śrīpāda Raghunātha’s heart and mind. He becomes unsteady when great sacred greed awakens within him. Without directly being able to relish this sweetness he won’t be able to stay alive. jala vinā yeno mīna, duḥka pāya āyuḥ hīna (Like a fish out of water I suffer like I am lifeless). Such is his condition. He cannot spend any more time without darśana.

Being thus helpless in his desire to see Sri Sri Radha Madhava, his king and queen, he praises and honors Sri Vraja Dham and its inhabitants in these verses, seeing this as the best way to attain their darshan (padyair vrajasthān akhilān vrajaṁ ca natvā sva-nāthau bata tau didṛkṣe). Hence this stava is called Vraja-vilāsa-stava. When Vraja Dham and the inhabitants of Vraja are merciful, he will easily attain the direct audience of his most beloved Sri Sri  Radha Madhava, this is Sri Raghunath’s unswayable faith.

yāṅdera mādhurī sindhu, smari tāra eka bindu
ati lubdha hoiyāchi āmi.
katipaya śloka kore, vraja-dhāma parikare,
bhakti bhare tāṅhā sabe nami.

“Because I have become very greedy even by remembering a mere drop of the ocean of Their beauty, I am now bowing down with devotion to Vraja-dhāma and Śrī Śrī Rādhā-Kṛṣṇa’s associates there in these following verses.”

ei vāñchā hoy prāṇe, nitya kori daraśane,
prāṇa mora yugala kiśora.
vrajavāsi saṅge vāsa, ei mātra abhilāṣa,
(seve) ei āśā pūrṇa koro mora

“I cherish the desire in my heart to always see Them, for the Yugala Kishor are my very life. I desire only to live with the Vrajavasis. Please fulfill these desires!”

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