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Fun and games in the temples of Vrindavan in Adhik Maas. ...

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09_06_2018-08mth125_18057887_0449.jpg← Holi at the Radha Vallabh temple

Vrindavan, 2018.06.09

Temples all over Braj are celebrating all the festivals of the year during the month of Purushottam Maas. For the pleasure and benefit of devotees, Radha Vallabh temple has been celebrating each festival with great enthusiasm .

At the special Holi festival on Thursday, the pujaris threw colours with even more enthusiasm and excitement (see video) than in March because many of the visitors did not realize that Holi was being celebrated in the temple, so they were caught unawares.

The famous Radha Vallabh music made the atmosphere even more festive. Rakesh Mukhiya took the opportunity to sing Holi songs and devotees could be seen dancing, seemingly without a care in the world.


Diwali games at Radha Vallabh temple

Like many of the main temples in Loi Bazaar,  every day this month, Radha Vallabh temple has been filled with fragrant flowers and intricate lattices of mogra buds woven into phool bangala decorations.

Devotees who visited the temple this month were also treated to darshan of the marriage ceremony of Radha-Krishna, Diwali celebrations and jhulan yatra (swing festival).

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