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Villagers ask for help to save Nari Semari kund

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Nari Semari KundChatta, 2018.06.12

The residents of Semari village feel helpless to save Nari Semari Kund. The kund used to be a center for devotional activities and wildlife and was beneficial for agriculture in the area. But, these days, the kund lies deserted, filled with garbage shunned by the animals that used to frequent it and with only a fraction of the water that it used to hold.

Six acres are reserved for the kund, however, most of this land is now dry. Villagers said that there used to be bathing ghats on the edge of the kund with a separate ghat for women, but, the ghats have long since disappeared.

These days, few people visit the kund which, locals believe was one of the places where that Krishna and Balaram would visit to quench their thirst.

Closeby the kund is the Nari Semari Devi temple, which is home to the most popular Navaratri festival in Braj. Every Navaratri, a huge fair is held in the town and people stand in long queues to enter the temple, hoping to get the blessings of the Divine mother. If the kund is restored, it will attract pilgrims and will become a resting place for people who come for darshan at Nari Semari Devi temple.

Villagers say that rainwater harvesting could help fill the kund, and that, in the dry season a submersible pump could be used to maintain the water level and trees should be planted around the kund.

Village resident Deepchand (Pappu) Jadaun said that villagers consider the kund more pure than the Ganga. Villagers are upset to see the state of the kund and say that the government is not helping to restore it.

The kund was once an important water reservoir and helps to refill the ground water. The area is currently suffering a water crisis. Several hand pumps and wells have dried up.

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